Credit report:


I will show 3 ways to get into a used car with low payments



1: The first step is to know what your credit score looks like

Visit to have the most accurate credit report and credit score available to you.

As much as I like free things, sometimes Credit Karma and the credit score your credit card provides you isn't the most accurate for financing a vehicle.


There are typically 5 types of clients that we see.

1: Excellent Credit meaning everything has been paid on time with little to no hiccups in their credit report.


These types of clients usually have a car paid off, a mortgage, revolving debt, and more than 2 years of credit history.

People with a 720 credit score with these things will typically get the lowest interest rate possible, Anywhere from 0% at a NEW CAR STORE on a NEW CAR

 On a used car that is less than 7 years old with less than 100k miles you will get 2.99%

On a $10,000 car loan for 5 years this person will pay anywhere from $700 to $900 in interest. Which isn't bad. You're paying about $150 to $180 in interest per year. Which comes out to about 50 cents per day.

Talk about a cheap loan! And for good reason, these people have paid everything on time and  are rewarded for doing so.


Tip 1: One late payment can drop your score by as much as 100 points. Don't be late.


2: Good Credit customer are customers who have established credit but have had a late payment or something sent to collections. i.e...  utility bill, medical, phone bill, or cable bill.

We're not here to judge because we understand that mistakes happen. But we also want to help you get these things removed from your credit report. We have partnered with Lexington Law

to help you get these removed and be able to get an excellent Interest rate.


On average these people pay anywhere from $1800 up to $3800 based on 7% up to 13% respectively.

These rates vary on age of car, miles, and your credit score. Always be on the lookout when something does not look right on your credit report.


Tip 2: Have at least one year at the same job, or if you do move to a new job make sure its the same field.


3: Fair Credit are typically those who are establising their and have less than 2 years of credit history.

A 720 credit score with one credit card that has been opened for 9 months is not scored the same as one that has 2 years or more on the report.

Most banks want to see at least 2 open credit lines to get you financed and get you the best rate.


Tip 3: Make at least $2,000 gross income with max only about 20% of your income going towards your car.


4:  No Credit  This can be a good and bad thing all in one. No Credit means that there are no collections and no lines of credit.

Most credit unions will accept a person with No Credit if you have been at your job for at least 1 year and make at least $2,000 a month.

They will finance up to 90% of LTV and typically give you anywhere from 9.99% up to 14.99% depending on bank or credit union.


Tip 4: One way to get around this is to get a cosinger with strong credit. Typically someone who has bought a home and paid off a car and is not financing more than one vehicle at the time.


5: Bad Credit happens and we understand. This is typically someone who has had multiple things go to collections due to a loss of employment, or a health issue. 

Sometimes its a lack of responsibility for your agreements to pay. But either way our partners at

We're not here to judge because we understand that mistakes happen. But we also want to help you get these things removed from your credit report. We have partnered with Lexington Law

to help you get your credit back on track! We are undestanding of all situations but don't like seeing high interest for good people.

This could be the difference between you paying $700 or paying $7000 more for the same vehicle.


Tip: Make sure to have at least 6 months to 12 months worth of monthly payments saved up in a seperate account in case of emergency.






 Step 2: Save up for a downpayment. Most banks and credit unions will finance up to 120% of Loan to Value.

Banks have different Loan to Value structures. Some banks will go based off of a cars lending value and this is the reason why you need a bigger downpayment.




If you look at the lending value it is $10,095 and the Typical Listing Value is $12,745. That leaves a difference of $2,650 which is why a bank will require you to have a downpayment.

A bank will lend you up to $12114 which is $10,095 x1.2 (120%) of Loan to Value.

We have this car listed on our website for $11,996 plus tax and license. Which if you live in Stanislaus County ( Modesto, CA.) Specifically the out the door price is $13,257.69

Which means you can either put down  $1,143.69 to get financed with good credit. or $3200 with bad credit to get into this car.


The amount that someone will pay for this car in financing with excellent credit is less than $1000 for 5 years.

 Your payments based off of a 2.99% would be about $220 per month for 60 months.


Someone with bad credit putting $3200 will pay almost $7,000 in interest for 5 years.

These payments are $285 per month for 60 months.


The difference is huge! You save almost $6,000 for the same time period because you have good credit.


Our goal here at Auto World Auto Sales is to get people approved and pay the least amount in interest


No one likes to pay $6,000 more because of a couple of mistakes made in the past...


If you would like to clean up your credit click here ----> Lexington Law 


Don't worry even if you get a high interest rate you can always refinance with a new lender and lower your payments and interest rate in 12 months.


Step 1: Estabish a good payment history for your new vehicle and make every payment on time.

Step 2: Open 2 credit lines ( Secured credit cards work just as well) and keep the balance low

Step 3: Check your credit every month and watch your credit score rise up to a 720+ in no time!

Step 4: Go to your local credit union and refinance your vehicle. They will look at loan to value and thats why its important to put a bigger down payment with bad credit. Your loan to value will be attractive to these lenders.



Step 3: I've mentioned this earlier, Get a cosigner if you can't wait and need the vehicle right away.

Most family members will be willing to cosign for you if you ask and are trustworthy.

We are more than happy to help our clients and explain the process.

After your credit has been established you can go and refinance the vehicle under your name.

If you make a promise to a family member or friend that is willing to help you out, make sure to honor that and make your payments on time.

They are making a big commitment by helping you out in a tough situation.





If you want to build strong credit in order to buy a home or a car with low interest in a short amount of time with no credit.

Contact Julio @ 209-534-7635

and he can give you more information.


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